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Gray’s Compounding Pharmacy Remedy’s Rx

Michelle Gray, R.Pharm

417B-304th Ave Kimberley, British Columbia V1A 3H4
(250) 427-1031

We offer a lifestyle program primarily focussed on Ketogenic. The program is delivered by our coach, Kathy Murphy, DC and overseen with our pharmacists, Michelle Gray and Peter Wu to implement medication reviews, medication, and functional medicine recommendations and to offer any further dietary advice. We previously focused on a modified Mediterranean diet but, found that our diabetic clients were slow to no response and many patients over time had a reversal of the benefits of weight loss. This program is set up as a 12 week 1-1 coaching, where the body composition is measured with a BIA machine and blood ketone levels are monitored along with blood pressure. Real food, education are coached to create a sustainable lifelong healthy body composition.