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Physicians and Health Professionals Using Nutrition to Improve Health

Helping Put Metabolic Disease into Remission

The rates of nutritional diseases, including type 2 diabetes, obesity, fatty liver, and metabolic syndrome have skyrocketed in the last several decades since the low-fat dietary guidelines were issued in the 1980s.

Every day, we see patients suffering from the effects of these chronic but preventable nutritional diseases. These diseases often result in devastating complications such as heart disease, kidney failure, amputations and blindness. Food availability data show that Canadians have in fact been diligent at following the food guide, and have increased their intake of carbohydrates while decreasing their intake of dairy products, red meat and natural fats such as butter. Despite this, our nutritional disease epidemics are out of control; we all know family or friends with one of these chronic, food-related diseases.

Rates of Type 2 Diabetes in Canada

Canadian Chronic Disease Surveillance System, Public Health Agency of Canada, July 2011

Obesity in Canada

The Canadian Clinicians for Therapeutic Nutrition is a group of concerned physicians and health professionals seeking to use nutrition to reverse metabolic disease, improve and maintain health, facilitate health professional education, and engage in dietary guidelines advocacy.

We routinely see patients, friends and family put these nutritional diseases into remission by ignoring the current dietary guidelines, and focusing on a whole food approach, with fewer carbohydrates and higher amounts of natural fats than is currently recommended in Canada’s Food Guide.

What We Do

Using A Food First Approach to Improve Health

Doctors and other health professionals in Canada are using a whole, real food approach to put nutritional diseases into remission, to prevent these diseases from occurring, and to optimize overall health. We have become a nation inundated by sugar and processed food; thus, the foundation of this ‘food first’ approach to regain health is to avoid most sugar and processed, highly refined food.

Facilitate Health Professional Education

We have created a large community of health professionals in Canada that understand and utilize a food first approach to nutritional disease. Our community offers resources and networking with like-minded colleagues, some of whom are conducting much needed research in the area of disease reversal. Are you a health professional that wants to learn more?

Advocate for Evidence-Based Dietary Guidelines

Our nutritional disease epidemic is associated with the introduction of the low fat dietary guidelines. Those low fat guidelines were never supported by evidence. Health Canada is currently revamping our Food Guide, and we have been working hard to get guidelines based on sound science to prevent further unintended health consequences.