About the CCTN

We are a not for profit group of Canadian physicians and health professionals who came together out of a desire to improve the health of Canadians.

Every day we see patients suffering from the effects of chronic but preventable nutritional diseases. These diseases, like type 2 diabetes, often result in devastating complications such as heart disease, kidney failure, amputations and blindness. Most Canadians have done their best to follow our government’s nutritional recommendations, yet we all know family or friends with chronic disease.

Many of us clinicians have also struggled with obesity and other nutritional disease, despite following decades-old advice to eat a low-fat, higher carbohydrate diet and to eat less and move more.

Obesity is such a complicated disease, and it is not surprising that simple advice like ‘eating less and moving more’ has utterly failed to manage our obesity epidemic.

There is an implication that obesity is usually merely the result of unsatisfactory dietary bookkeeping...the problem is not really so simple and uncomplicated as it is pictured.

JAMA editor, 1924

It has been long taught that these nutritional diseases are chronic and progressive, but we have come to understand that it is possible to reverse or significantly improve these diseases by simply changing the composition of the diet. In some cases, patients can eliminate the medications they are on for these disease.

Our colleagues across Canada are using science-based lifestyle interventions to get people off medications and return them to a higher quality of life and much better state of health. By focusing on whole food nutrition, we start to reverse the damage caused by years of high sugar and ultra-refined processed foods, and we are able to change our hormonal relationships and improve our body’s ability to burn fat for fuel.

With this understanding, we finally have real hope for tackling these massive health problems, and saving our health care system from the burden of chronic nutritional disease.

The CCTN is a completely independent health advocacy group, free of industry funding and/or any financial gain.

What We Do

  • Incorporate therapeutic nutrition practices into patient based care in dedicated nutritional disease reversal clinics.
  • Facilitate the education of health professionals in using a ‘food first’ nutritional approach to manage and prevent of many of today’s chronic nutritional diseases.
  • Promote the benefits of whole food nutrition to the Canadian public and to health professionals.
  • Collaborate with other health organizations to improve education of health professionals.
  • Maintain a social media community for physicians and other health professionals to facilitate ongoing discussion and networking regarding the use of whole food nutrition in chronic disease.
  • Advocate for evidence based dietary guidelines with all levels of government and policy makers.
  • Assist the Canadian public in locating therapeutic nutrition physicians and other health professionals.

Meet the CCTN Co-Founders

Dr. Barbra Allen Bradshaw
Dr. Carol Loffelmann

What you can do

As a member of the Canadian public, we would encourage you to use the information found on this site to begin doing your own research to help improve or maintain your health, and to start thinking about how food can improve your health.

We would also encourage you to be vocal in demanding evidence-based dietary recommendations from Health Canada, including speaking to policy makers and your Members of Parliament to advocate for dietary guidelines that actually reflect the current science.

Next Steps

Are You a Health Professional?

Are You a Member of the General Public?

If you have chronic diseases such as type 2 diabetes and are on medications, you should consult with your doctor before making any dietary changes, as rapid medication changes can be required.