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About the CCTN

We are a not for profit group of Canadian physicians and health professionals who came together out of a desire to improve the health of Canadians.

The CCTN is a completely independent health advocacy group, free of industry funding and/or any financial gain.

What We Do

  • Incorporate therapeutic nutrition practices into patient based care in dedicated nutritional disease reversal clinics.
  • Facilitate the education of health professionals in using a ‘food first’ nutritional approach to manage and prevent of many of today’s chronic nutritional diseases.
  • Promote the benefits of whole food nutrition to the Canadian public and to health professionals.
  • Collaborate with other health organizations to improve education of health professionals.
  • Maintain a social media community for physicians and other health professionals to facilitate ongoing discussion and networking regarding the use of whole food nutrition in chronic disease.
  • Advocate for evidence based dietary guidelines with all levels of government and policy makers.
  • Assist the Canadian public in locating therapeutic nutrition physicians and other health professionals.

Meet the CCTN Co-Founders

Dr. Barbra Allen Bradshaw
Dr. Carol Loffelmann