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Sustain Health – Medically Supervised Wellness

Glenn Kraushar, MD, CCFP

633 - 6th Ave SW Calgary, Alberta T2P 2Y5 Canada
(403) 585-4942

At Sustain Health, we believe that lifestyle changes can provide powerful benefits to a wide array of chronic illnesses. We aim to improve our patient’s health by focusing on four pillars of health: Diet, exercise, stress management, and sleep. While we are not a primary care clinic, we strive to fill in the gaps when it comes to navigating your health.

Our medical team will individualize our treatment plans to each person’s unique personality, medical profile, and preferences, with several key principles in mind.

We believe in improving diet quality first and foremost. Rather than giving a set list of "dos and don’ts", we bring clarity and evidence-based understanding to the driving forces behind behaviors. With optional tool support such as continuous glucose monitoring, we truly provide an individualized system in real-time.

Our team frequently reassesses your plan to ensure that you are making progress towards your goals and create appropriate modifications when required. Each patient is given access to their doctor or coach as often as needed, through our online messaging portal. We encourage continual and open communication to correct problems as soon as they arise before they get out of hand.

Our services are free to all Alberta residents with coverage provided through Alberta Health Services.
We are currently accepting patients who feel that improvements in metabolic health through supported lifestyle intervention will be beneficial to them.

If you are interested, please email or leave a message at (403) 585-4942 and we will get back to you as soon as possible!