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Nutritionally Wellness Center

Sarvesh Kumar

8160, 120 streeet Surrey, British Columbia V3W3N3 Canada
(604) 593-5933

I am a graduate of BF University of Health Sciences. I started working with people with Metabolic Syndrome, Diabetes, CV disease and many other different conditions that were helped by Nutritional interventions and allied natural and homeopathic medicines including antibiotic resistant UTIs, Diabetic gangrene and terminally ill cancer patients.

I worked with Gleeson Clinic in Thunder bay, Ontario as Nutritionist and Homeopath. I worked with a group of Chiropractors/Massage therapists and Naturopaths for their patients. The wide variety of clinical cases that were helped with LCHF approach included Obesity, Diabetes, Antibiotic resistant infections & Down's Syndrome.

I am working as an independent LCHF practitioner in Surrey, BC at this moment.