Janet Hibbs-Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine

Dr. Janet Hibbs, BSc, ND

(226) 343-2700

During my appointments, I offer comprehensive assessment to discover the root causes of diseases and an individualized holistic treatment plan created to address those root causes. I offer many types of laboratory testing (ie. blood, urine, hair and saliva testing, stool analysis, SIBO testing, Lyme disease, etc) and am licensed to prescribe natural pharmaceutical products (ie. bio identical hormones, natural desiccated thyroid, etc). I have a general naturopathic practice which includes patients of all ages and conditions. I have a special interest in treating thyroid disorders, auto immune disease, digestive disorders, and women's health issues. I believe diet to be the cornerstone of treatment and have seen fasting and LCHF diets change my patients lives as well as my own.