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Eat ;Different RD

Eliana Witchell, Registered Dietitian

141 Bastedo Ave Toronto, Ontario M4C 3N2
(647) 456-7952

What if there is more to diet, exercise and health than meets the eye? Eliana Witchell, Registered Dietitian with a Master of Science, has gone deep into the research to find out how food can keep the body as healthy as possible. Whether you are raising young children, in your teens considering new diets, in your twenties trying to build the strongest body, pregnant and building a baby, or reaching your golden years and dealing with chronic diseases like heart disease and diabetes, Eliana’s first approach to health is "food as medicine". Not only does she meet her clients where they are at; she views everyone as unique and assesses her clients holistically (including their personal medical history, family history, blood work, level of stress, sleep hygiene, gut health, medication/supplementation use, and dietary history) before making recommendations.”