Complement Healthcare

Isis Soster Maich - Certified Holistic Nutritional Consultant

Suite 260 – 2121 Marine Drive West Vancouver Community Centre West Vancouver, British Columbia V7V 4Y2
(604) 925-2225

My goal is to guide you to find your own balance, reclaim your health!!! I believe our body is way more powerful than people dream of and, that given the right tools, it's able to heal itself.

If we think about how toxic our environment has become, if we start paying attention to our stress levels, if we analyze how we've been treating the soil that gives us food (loading it with chemical fertilizers, pesticides…), if we take a step back and try to understand what we have been calling "food" (processed, industrialized products, loaded with sugar, salt, vegetable oils and a lot of chemical, whose names we can barely identify on the labels; then, probably "enriched" with some synthetic nutrients to sell us the idea that it's a healthy option for us, for our families), we can start to understand why so many people find themselves sick nowadays.

We have segregated our body parts, treating them independently.
We forget easily that mind and body are connected.
We treat diseases, without understanding the root causes of them.
Maybe, taking a step back and paying attention to what is harming us is the key to regain harmony in our bodies.

You deserve to be healthy! And I'm here to help you finding your way.