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Braeside on 24th Medical Clinic

Dr Marsha Kucera

11466 Braeside Dr SW C Calgary, Alberta T2W 4X8
(587) 296-3363

I can provide you with the tools you need to start your LCHF journey. I will review your health concerns and medications to ensure that this way of eating will be safe for you, and I will provide you follow up for this way of eating, as well as monitoring the illnesses you are trying to treat or prevent by changing your way of eating. I am happy to take referrals from your own family doctor, or if you do not have a family doctor, I may be able to take you on as a patient if my patient panel has room to support new patients at the time of our meeting together. I am happy to collaborate with a multidisciplinary team if you have one set up already through your PCN, and to communicate with your other health care providers to advocate for you if you're having difficulty getting buy in from them. I will gladly answer questions and look forward to meeting you!