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Personalized therapeutic nutrition is an individually tailored nutritional intervention designed to reduce or reverse metabolic dysfunctions/medical conditions (e.g. diabetes, pre-diabetes, and many others) or their associated symptoms. As the most compelling weight loss and chronic disease management outcomes from new research are found with the ketogenic and other low-carb / healthy high-fat diets, these are the primary eating patterns prescribed. Because of increased energy to cells and many other effects, these eating patterns show promise for preventing conditions down the road from, such as cancer, Parkinson's, and dementia.

My Total Bliss Plan combines psychological counselling with nutrition therapy. Emotional difficulties often lead to emotional eating. Ensure your best chance of success with Total Bliss. I emphasize strength-based approaches that recognize your gifts and what you are already doing that works for you to enhance those skills and apply them to your weight loss or health goals. Insurance plans accepted.